Tribute to the Wilhelm Scream – Crowd-sourced Sound Library – Jef Aerts

A short while back I stumbled on a tweet from a fellow Sound Designer Jef Aerts. As the title shows, Jef had the great idea of building a crowd-sourced sound library of probably one of the most well known sound effects (you’d probably recognise it even if you didn’t know it by name), the Wilhelm Scream.

For years this sound effect has found it’s way into so many productions, here’s a compilation showing just a few of the places it’s popped up.

So, Jef’s idea in his own words;

“The Wilhelm scream has probably become one of the most famous sound effect in film history. We, sound designers, try to religiously use this original scream in as many projects as possible. But wouldn’t it be fun if every sound designer recorded his own Wilhelm scream as close to the original sound as possible. This way we can use a Wilhelm sound-alike without damaging our wonderful tradition. As a bonus we can send our fellow sound designer an email telling him that you used his scream in project “x”.”

The original submission date Jef set was June 1st, but I believe due to a queue of people wanting to contribute it’s been pushed back to allow more time.

You can find Jef’s original post with all the ins and outs of whats needed for your submission here; Jef’s Blog

Of course, as I thought this was a cool little project, I hopped on it and recorded my submission


Harder than I thought to get it as close as possible!

So, if you’re a fan of the Wilhelm Scream and would like a sound library of crowd-sourced samples in the near future, head over to Jef’s blog and get recording.


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