Wwise 101 Certification Course

This week I decided it was time to get my hands dirty and get to grips with Wwise. Reading through forum posts and various subreddits, whenever someone asks which implementation software they should learn theres nearly always a resounding answer of “ALL OF THEM”. I’ve had a play about with FMOD in the past but not actually used it to implement audio into a game (FMOD has a bunch of great tutorial videos on youtube that take you through it’s features). So after stumbling through some pretty grainy Wwise tutorial videos on YouTube, I was happy to discover the CRAS Wwise 101 Certification Course,¬†and that during the course you will actually implement audio into the game Cube.

So from my personal experience, the course takes you from looking at Wwise and scratching your head, to at the very least feeling confident that you know what the nuts and bolts are.

Wwise Screen Shot